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A selection of handcrafted pine bowls & trays.


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We lead groups throughout the developing world .

So what's a Good Turn ?

It's the experience of feeling the moist mist coming off a freshly turned piece of undried wood. Unbelievable.

It's the freedom to begin with a blank piece of wood and watch it turn into a beautiful bowl that was just waiting to be revealed.

It's turning the image in someone's mind into a reality. 

It is our duty and necessity to reuse and repurpose whenever possible. The bowls and trays shown here are made from pine that is over 150 years old. This pine was saved and re-purposed from the demolition of the stage in the Lloyd Auditorium of Port Nelson United Church in Burlington, Ontario. 

I call them Flatwood Bowls. There are other names for them and the technique is not new. From a flat floor to beautiful shapes, curves and colours is a spiritual journey for me. A lesson in life that the life in us has many purposes and we must challenge ourselves to seek them out.

They say "One good turn deserves another" and for me that is exactly what I do. It is my passion. Please click on Bowls at the top of this page to see my collection of Bowls, Trays & Serving Platters designed for this Fundraiser. 

I am grateful to Port Nelson United Church for the pine to create these bowls. All proceeds are being donated to the ReKindle Renovation Fund.