Bowls ,Trays & Serving platters


 I have been a wood turning for over 40 years and I still get excited when I begin to create something on the lathe.  These creations are made from flat wood which in turn is made from a valued piece of furniture that you do not want to throw out but have no space for. I simply transform the chair or dresser etc into flat wood boards which in turn via the lathe are transformed into beautiful bowls &  trays. I also lovingly can transform them into an urn for a loved one or a series of smaller urns for family members. The bowls shown here are made from pine saved from a renovation at Port Nelson United Church in Burlington, Ontario.

Wood turning

The bowls are called flat wood because start as a flat piece of laminated pine. There is very little waste in these bowls. How wonderful to know that we are able to be good stewards and reuse resources that are no longer available.

A lathe and many different gouges are used to create the final product.

A circle is cut out of the laminated pine, attached to a lathe and then cut into a series of concentric rings which are glued together. The final bowl is then turned on the lathe. 

Pricing and availability

Serving bowl for fruit.

Salvaged Pine over 200 yrs old


Salad bowl

200 hundred year old salvaged pine

Dimensions: Diameter 22", Height 9"


Serving Bowl

200 hundred year old salvaged pine


Serving Bowl 

Oak salvaged from a renovation from Port Nelson United Church

Food grade finish

Don't go empty handed. New pieces will be added to this site as completed.

If you can describe or sketch the bowl of your dreams please call me and we'll chat. It is all for a GREAT cause.

Take care